One amazing venture we started last year is working with OTI Group, a renowned Romanian company specialized in the cleaning and household supplies and articles.

Our development team had to work on various enhancements and technical improvements on their e-commerce platform in order to ensure the most intuitive user interaction and the easiest buying process. To be more specific, our developers were in charge with developing the online shop and integrating more complex functionalities using Magento, ensuring third-party integration for shipping and maintenance for third-party integration with ERP.

Even though the technical requirements were more abundant than the creative visual ones, our developers had to make sure everything functions and looks perfect. This took a while since the OTI platform addressed to various clients from all business areas – from HoReCa, gas stations, florists and factories to public buildings, state institutions or clinics and sports halls. Moreover, optimal functioning is a priority since the company offers a full service packages like: free and specialized advice on clients’ needs, constant high quality, payment facilities, transportation and orders processing.

Of course, fine tuning and additional features were also in the brief: customizing the Magento theme, SEO optimization, along with bugs fixing – they always appear and have to be taken care of smoothly! – fine tweaks and, as important as all the above, ongoing maintenance.

Check the online shop here and shop for your home: https://www.oti.ro/


Type: E-commerce platform on Magento

Year: 2018




Project: e-commerce platform development and maintenance

Client: OTI Group

Web studio: eJump Media

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