Oxalis is one of those beautiful professional projects we had the chance to design and develop through the 99designs platform.

The client is very straight forward and also open-minded, so we were able to propose creative solutions that enhanced user experience on his web project in short time.

Thanks to the 99designs platform, we have the chance to meet plenty of international clients with challenging design projects. And sometimes, we continue to take care of the web development part as well. With Oxalis, it was the same exciting adventure. Is a technology consulting firm founded in the Pacific Northwest that distinguishes from its competitors through innovation and best practices, as well as an uncommon perspective – a winning one, by looking at the famous brands his team got to work with and for.

The challenge:

So having an appealing and highly improved online presence was a must. Besides, the former website was pretty dull and too much content added to the clutter of the overall design, so the user experience was not so great.

Jonathan, the founder of the project, wanted to change that and provided us a detailed description of the redesign specifications and had been open to our suggestions since the beginning, as well as confident in our skills.  After all, he wanted a top designer to take care of Oxalis to make sure it looked professional and clean, but also appealing to its audience.

This helped us greatly in working timely and coming up with a creative, high-quality design with plenty of animated effects, interactive graphics and a modern look & feel. We had to create a clean design expressing a relevant journey for the user – the main goal for a successful business.

The project:

After we showed the client our Homepage proposal, he liked our approach and agreed to continue with the entire project and its implementation with WordPress. The best part was having a frequent and honest communication all the time, as well as hearing quite a few “Great job!” remarks from Jonathan during the development process and after the final launch 🙂

The result was truly wonderful: we launched a responsive WordPress website with a cool and functional design that engages and helps people get in touch with the right experts for their needs.

Type: Website

Year: 2018




Project: Oxalis Website Redesign and Development

Crowd-sourcing platform: 99designs

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