Pentru Profit

 Pentru Profit is a new channel of communication between users who run their own businesses and providers from whom they intend to buy merchandise. The online platform features the newest promotions and merchandising campaigns that producers and distributers launch. In the end, everyone wins: the users increase their profits and providers optimize their products’ distribution.

This is another web app represented by an ERP System we developed in order to act like an online platform which connects different brands with small retailers in the country. Being tech-savvy, we loved handling the programming part thanks to its objectives and many skills needed to optimize such a business process through this web application. Also, this custom made platform took several months of work from our coders – this project needed more people on board, due to its complexity.

Long story short, these brands create on the platform campaigns with all the details of the tasks and objectives needed to be done, while the small shops browse for the compatible ones and get on board with doing those tasks. Moreover, the Pentru Profit agents visit them and check if the tasks are completed and shops cash in the reward for their work. A win-win situation for both renown brands and smaller shops thriving to succeed in the business.

Of course, this app benefits from more features equally smart, like access to financial and activity reports, invoicing and follow-up system, along with the CRM for field agents and their coordinators and a multi-level approval system.

Type: ERP Systems

Year: 2015




Java Script



Client: Platforma

Production Studio: Mind Treat Studios

Web Studio: eJump Media

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