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Initially launched in 2002 by the World Economic Forum the NRI has been redesigned in 2019 to reflect how technology and people need to be integrated within an effective governance structure in order to have the right impact on our economy, society and the environment.

You can check Romania’s rank too, seems we’re doing pretty good.

So naturally they needed a new site that matches with the updated report, something that sets them apart and user friendly, kind of a cool preview for the whole report.
The challenge for this website was a really tight deadline and the fact that all the data was not in the final format when we started this project.

Another project we had, with the same client, was the Portulans Institute(PI). They’re an independent nonprofit, nonpartisan research and educational institute and they needed a new presentation website, a clean look and a responsive design.
Do you think that designing and developing two sites with a big volume of data and with such a tight deadline is a challenge? Oh, it is, but nothing our mighty eJumpers couldn’t handle. As these projects had to be launched before Christmas and how we all have the eJump values at heart , we said yes to this and started right away.

We allocated a complete team formed by five persons: our brave and creative designer, skilled developers and a project manager. On both sites, the focus had to be on the valuable content, so we kept a clean look with contrast between the white background and deep blue color, soft orange overtones that gives a classy vibe and a professional page layout.

Besides the skills of our awesome crew, what made possible the great outcome of this projects was our truly great client. We communicated each day and adapted on the fly, it’s really a pleasure to work with someone this open minded and eager to help. Also they have a wonderful team, we kept in touch and supported each other and delivered some flawless projects in time as promised.

Or as our dear client says: „Even under a lot of pressure, I felt confident the projects were being executed with very high standards. I felt supported every step of the way and we were able to launch both websites on the deadlines. The websites were really well received by our target audience, and eJump supported me after delivering the websites in making some updates needed”.

Type: Website

Year: 2020




Project: NRI/Portulans Institute Website Design and Development

Crowd-sourcing platform: 99designs

Extras: https://portulansinstitute.org/

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