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 Prime Kapital

We’re beyond excited to collaborate with Prime Kapital and MAS Real Estate, as the team in charge of developing the companies’ websites, as well as their growing digital portfolio of real estate projects. 

The Client

Prime Kapital is an integrated real estate developer, investor and operator in Central and Eastern Europe. Their commercial portfolio in Romania includes shopping centres, as well as major residential estates in the country. The company was named Investor of the Year in 2020, at the EEA Real Estate Awards.

Industries: commercial and residential real estate

The Work 

Our team provides web design and custom development, as well as technical maintenance services to several of the real estate websites in Prime Kapital’s portfolio. 

Among the residential projects that are included here, we have Avalon Estate (Bucharest), Silk District (Iași), and Marmura Residence (Bucharest). Our team has been in charge of the website redesign and development for all three, plus maintenance (more projects to be added on a regular basis).

How did it all start? The client wasn’t too content with previous design and development work done on these websites. This is quite understandable, since these types of projects need a super-inviting and user-friendly digital identity, both aesthetically and functionally. Plus, efficient communication is key when it comes to working on any type of project (we totally relate to that!) 

And that’s when our story started. We had a trial run to show our design and coding skills (building a specific webpage) and see if we’re on the same page. We passed it with flying colours and began a promising collaboration. First, on Avalon Estate, then on Silk District, and then on Marmura Residence.

We took over these three digital projects on a custom WordPress theme, which we individually enriched with specific multimedia resources. We had to make sure they keep a coherent identity in line with the brand. The look & feel is beautiful and simple, modern and sophisticated and focused on immersive visual stories that instantly invite and capture the users dreaming of a new home.    

Our new client has been super happy with the results we’ve delivered, and so have we, as our team continues working on these projects. Right now, we are in a full redesign and custom development process for the Avalon Estate website, and we’re eager to continue with the other two incredible projects for Romania. 

Avalon Estate website development pages

We’re also in charge of the maintenance and development work for the official presentation websites for Prime Kapital and MAS Real Estate, property investor and operator listed on the main board of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (they share a joint venture with Prime Kapital for commercial and residential developments in CEE). 

 What Made It Go So Well?

The biggest challenge turned out to be the key to success. Our IT team has to always coordinate with multiple teams from the client’s side – Sales, Marketing, CRM. And everyone needs something different and equally important for the sake of the project development. But thanks to great communication, flow, clarity and professionalism – and our expertise in lead generation website development 😏 –  we managed to deliver what is expected when it was expected from us. And it seems it’s a successful venture! 

Type: Website

Year: 2021




API Integration



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