Romanian art, science & culture meet the appetite for technology and sustainability at Expo 2020 Dubai. eJump has built the digital identity needed for the Romanian pavilion, which will be open at the global event.

The story

Expo 2020 Dubai will take place between Oct 1, 2021 – Mar 31, 2022, and will be open to visitors to explore unique exhibitions from the entire world, exploring our “most critical challenges and opportunities through the cultural, social, environmental and economic lens”. 

Climate & Biodiversity, Water, Space, Travel & Connectivity, Food, Agriculture & Livelihoods, and more themes will be explored at the pavilions of 191 participating nations, through immersive cultural and technological experiences.

The Romanian pavilion is part of the Sustainability cluster and aims to reconnect humanity with nature – a connection that is deeply affected by exploitation and rapid industrialization.

Under the concept of New nature, the exhibition centers around the water theme explored through the value of natural springs that exist in Romania. This concept acts as a point of balance between technology and nature, connecting us to the worldwide heritage and bringing more people together.

Through the wonders of Augmented and Virtual Reality, people could gain more awareness around important topics today, such as the Nature vs Technology dichotomy. The main focus is intertwining traditions and natural elements with modern technology, highlighting the critical importance of sustainability and responsible use of resources.

At the same time, the Romanian pavilion needed an inviting presentation website to showcase the unique experiences visitors can enjoy, but also to easily communicate the brand and connect with a broader audience.

And here comes our expertise. 

The project brief 

The project is owned and managed by the Ministry of External Affairs in Romania. 

The eJump team was responsible for the design & development stage and content management of the official website for Romania’s pavilion (multi-page, multi-language). 

Once again, we had the amazing chance to work together with Gamify (steady behind the creation of the amazing videos). Always an opportunity to work on the most innovative digital and multimedia projects 🙂 

The main work

Main requirements for our part, described in the project brief that our client provided (in detail!):

  • Website design and development
  • Web content management – Romanian, English, Arabic
  • Multimedia galleries – photo, audio, video + a video streaming service 
  • Advanced search engine
  • Hosting recommendations and implementation

The challenges – with a side of innovation

Based on the visual brand identity provided, we had to first design two web layout options for the client to choose from. The final website needs to look attractive and user-friendly and work as a very clean, responsive design.

Once the design stage was completed, our team had to build it as a mobile-first WordPress website in multiple languages, showcasing rich content about the Romanian exhibition that will open at the Expo 2020 Dubai. 

Luckily, we had a very, very detailed technical brief from our client (including for performance optimization, security aspects), which made our workflow much easier!  

However, here comes the exciting – and more challenging – part of our work 💪  

Observing Romanian artists creating live art objects, tasting mineral waters, or getting to know the New Nature Ambassadors (Constantin Brâncuși, Grigore Antipa, George Enescu, Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen) through virtual and augmented reality are some of the activities proposed by the Romanian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Because Water is the main theme, we had to incorporate it beautifully in the digital identity, telling the entire story of the Romanian exhibitions through the design and interactions. So we worked on a few water-inspired animations and a pretty cool water droplet scrolling effect. It wasn’t easy, though, especially with the responsive aspect of these effects on various devices.

We also got involved in the tough development of the AR/VR components, collaborating with the talented Gamify creators.

Thanks to these app interactions we developed for the exhibitions, visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves into stimulating experiences of the Romanian natural universe. 

To give you some examples of what the Romanian pavilion prepared (and we developed): 

  • Visitors can “travel” to specific cultural landmarks in Romania, in a 3D format – one of them is the famous Gate of the Kiss sculpture by Constantin Brâncuși 
  • They can interact with audiovisual elements that bring the enjoyment of George Enescu’s iconic musical compositions 
  • Users can enjoy other stunning interactive works that highlight the impact of how humanity uses the world’s natural resources, 
  • And they can see amazing 3D replicas (dioramas) that depict the precious fauna that exists in the Romanian wilderness. 

Multi-content management was also a bit of a challenge for us. We had to use dummy content and images for the multi-page WordPress website, and for the Arabic content (which has a right to left alignment), the entire layout changes. We had to take that into account when designing and implementing the website.   

The project’s success

As it usually happens when collaborating with Gamify and a well-prepared client, we’ve made it! 

It took an immense amount of work and responsibility from each of our sides, and it was all worth it. 

Team and cross-functional collaboration, lots of patience and creativity, an appetite for exciting technologies and innovation, and plenty of wits when faced with surprises – all have helped us deliver an efficient and attractive digital product that we’re incredibly proud of. 

Type: Multi-language, multi-page WordPress Website

Year: 2021



AR technology



Agency: Gamify

Web Studio: eJump Digital

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