SkyLab Solutions

 SkyLab Solutions

SkyLab is a very ambitious project we’ve worked on, that required high levels of Research & Development while doing highly complex work behind this back-office app (Multi-Tenant SaaS). And the results were super rewarding.

Industries: fleet management and transportation 

The Client

We do have quite the years of experience in developing tech products for the fleet management and transportation sector under our belt – the Autonom web & app projects for example, such as, VMS, CityShuttle

So when we got in touch with SkyLab Solutions, we were ready to roll our sleeves and do some fine coding work, again!

SkyLab Solutions is a highly ambitious California-based fleet technology company that is expanding at an accelerated pace on the international market. With extensive expertise in the industry and reliable partners to work with, the company is constantly innovating with tech products that change the traditional GPS Fleet Tracking market.

This year, the tech business was acquired by VisionTrack, another innovative company aiming at releasing cutting-edge products such as next-generation AI dashcams and MDVRs and expanding worldwide. The company prides itself on several international awards as well, such as two Stevie Awards for Best New Product or Service of the Year – Transportation and Tech Startup of the Year – Software in 2018.  

The product that we needed to program required a high volume of research and development to make sure every detail is set, as it involved big data, various protocols that differ from GPS to GPS, algorithms and so on. Moreover, the end product itself is “designed to help service and trucking companies gain visibility into the operations of their fleet”, “helping companies to save money, improve fleet performance and increase customer satisfaction.”

So what was our role, exactly, in the programming of SkyLab’s SaaS? 

The Work

Our client wanted our team to help them improve and develop their software in the most optimal way, by making sure it’s highly cost-efficient, competitive and super-reliable. 

SkyLab Solutions back-office SaaS

Among our objectives were to develop a system that could point around 10.000 GPS systems installed in the cars, collect all the data needed – location, speed, other car parameters – and re-send this important information to other fleet management platforms. 

The main challenges in building the software platform were to decipher the protocols used in the communication between devices, analyze the messages and to be able to build a safe transmission route to various providers. Moreover, a GPS system can send data not just to one, but several providers at the same time. 

Our team used Python, Sockets and React to complete the development of a demo version of the system. As we said, it’s a back-office app that can be considered a Multi-Tenant SaaS, and we cannot wait to see it developed further to provide cutting-edge software to customers. 

The project overall took around 6 months of work from our side. Communication between our teams was extremely important to deliver this critical product. It also required a lot of testing, attention to every technical aspect and close collaboration, the progress on the app was a bit slower than we wanted it to be. And it was all worth it!

Type: Multi-Tenant SaaS

Year: 2021






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