It’s refreshing to see how, sometimes, the people we’ve worked with on ambitious digital projects happen to connect and be part of greater things for the future. Just like with Griffes and Speedwell companies, which we happen to collaborate with again. 

Industries: industrial real estate 

The client

A while ago, our team developed the official website of the real estate consulting company Griffes, founded by Andreea Păun – her company assisted with the Unirii View project in Bucharest – and yes, we were the ones developing, too. 

Recently, Griffes also helped Stradale with leasing space in an office building developed by Speedwell. And this summer, we got super-enthusiastic to become part of this incredible network, by getting on board with SPACEPLUS Speedwell’s first industrial development project

Speedwell is one of the most active developers in Romania, with a large portfolio of sustainable real estate projects in several cities, such as Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Timișoara.

As for SpacePlus, this is a new concept on the Romanian market, and ”the product addresses small to medium companies that are looking for flexible warehouse solutions, additional services, and features” (source). The project would help promising businesses to operate in safe and modern premises by offering them high-quality storage units ideal for retailers, manufacturers and all types of SMEs.  

The Work

Our part in ensuring a successful launch on the market of this new major development project was to design and build the SpacePlus website.

We were asked to:

  • Deliver a clean website with a professional look, in two languages 
  • Ensure quick and easy access to information
  • Design and develop a B2B website
  • Provide a responsive design and development
  • Build a custom theme, using WordPress CMS implementation
  • Implement Google Analytics and other interactive features for easy management on the client’s side
  • Provide maintenance post-launch. 

What made it work so well?

The client has extensive experience in developing real estate projects, as well as envisioning and managing processes to ensure alignment with the company brand and reputation.

Thanks to having a complete brief on the client’s wants and needs with this new project, our work and collaboration had been extremely professional:

  • Work took two months to complete
  • A very well-organized project and efficient communication between our teams
  • Very few rounds of minor changes on the page designs
  • Smooth and quick implementation

Working on this B2B website wasn’t quite a digital “walk in the park”, as there were a few tricky features to build, for example: 

  • The Configure & Reserve feature building a dynamic configuration system for the price calculator;
  • Implementing a few features (product plan, tables) having a horizontal scroll, on mobile.    

And in the end, we delivered. In time and successfully. And it felt very rewarding to see that the client was really happy with the results. This furthered our collaboration on several other Speedwell projects online, as well -> more details on these very soon.

Type: Website

Year: 2021





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