Spune cu Nutella

 Spune cu Nutella

The main goal of ths campaign is allowing every fan of the brand to order a personalized label with his own message/name or the name/message for the loved ones. The campaign includes outdoor in Romanian cities. There is also a rich online campaign (display and rich media) with a special promotional application.  The app enables users to generate their own label on a Nutella jar with names and diminutives or certain texts – predefined or not.

So, besides the fact that this app generated print-ready labels for your own Nutella jar – or even customize your names or messages, if they were approved – there was also a contest for its users. Practically, you had to take a photo with your own jar, then upload it in Nutella’s promo campaign. The winners won a portable speaker JBL GO.

Now, about our eJumpers’ hard work on this fun app:

The technical challenge here was the algorithm our clever coders developed for this project. This algorithm allowed generating print-ready labels using a certain text extracted from database that, in the end, was written using the Nutella’s branded font, obviously to follow the original design. Giving the fact that this system was only based on calculations, dimensions, layers – without using Photoshop – it was a difficult challenge for our coders. But an awesome one, it seems – it was 100% code!


Type: Web Apps

Year: 2016




Java Script




Project: Spune cu Nutella

Client: Ferrero România

Production Studio: Mind Treat Studios

Web Studio: eJump Media

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