Of course we were excited to get on board with a project meant to promote safety and help prevent road accidents and their repercussions using technology. Who wouldn’t?

When we heard that Mike, one of our existing clients, wanted us to help him with such project, we immediately said yes.

The challenge:

There are tens of millions of people who suffer non-fatal injuries during traffic accidents. And things get complicated when it comes to commercial fleet accident rate – which has continued to increase due to various issues (driver behavior, fatigue, fear of false blame etc.).

Fortunately, technology changes things. Our client’s project aims to deliver real-time video solutions like dash cameras combined with telematics that enable drivers and fleets to run safer, smarter and more profitably.

In order to do that, he came up with the Surecam project. This is a complete website that aims to better connect users with real-time video solutions. This platform helps fleet managers to reduce claims, access advanced insights and protect their fleet, while drivers improve their driving, drive more safely and get protected by potential false blame for road accidents.

The project outcome:

The client wanted to transform two separate websites (for UK and US) into just one intuitive and complete platform for enhanced user experience. We used WordPress for this platform that serves both UK and US clients. The final website has a much more intuitive and appealing design, no clutter and a clean look and feel. The website is responsive as well.

The implementation of the Surecam project has been a thorough process to make sure its development meets all the client’s specific requirements and feedback rounds. Although it may seem a simple platform at first glance, this project was complex and dynamic, partly because we had to implement various new ideas during the development phase. 

The biggest challenge was the communication flow (between our team and the client’s) since our client had so many fresh ideas for us to implement on the fly. We just made sure we had frequent (daily!) and honest communication rounds, while Andrei, our developer in charge with the project, proved his stubborn dedication and a great set of skills to awesomely launch it into the wondrous online space. More to come…

Type: Websites

Year: 2019







Project: Surecam

Client: Surecam

Web Studio: eJump Media


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