Tarin Fitness Studio

This was a fresh design project for our team – we hadn’t worked for a fitness studio until then. Our designer was eager to get creative and use all his ideas and know-how to make something totally cool.

The client had been a regular one for a while in the past years – we had already worked on several designs for some projects for the Kurdish region. The GEG company offers top services in state-of-the art facilities, from professional large-scale advertising to superior procurement strategies and project management expertise, and then from launching the largest outdoor water park to a world class fitness studio for the Kurdistan community.

We had a frequent and honest communication and established a great relationship with the client. This ensured a good workflow during each website we worked on together – and that is why they were more open to our more creative ideas for this project. An they implemented them!

The challenge:

Now, about the latter project: the client needed an updated website with several pages to be redesigned in an innovative and appealing style for the fitness community. We had to highlight the modern facilities and top services, and to make sure the customer’s journey was easy to navigate and exciting.

The result:

Our design team wanted to raise the bar and design something different from the classic fitness websites. The pages were short and simple without too much content, so we had the liberty to play with playful interactions and animation effects on almost each page to enhance the UI/UX.

So the result was a clean, interactive presentation website that improved the user’s experience in the coolest manner. Plus, we recommended a smooth and unexpected transition between pages from right to left, during implementation.

The goal was to make the potential customer feel he had to come to this high-end wellness studio to enjoy and relax to the fullest, as he deserved.


Type: Website

Year: 2017


Project: Tarin Fitness Website Redesign

Crowd-sourcing platform: 99designs

Web Studio: eJump Media

Extras: https://www.tarinfitness.com/

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