The Nutella app

 The Nutella app

Forget about the tight deadline, the long days spent coding this complex algorithm  – the new Nutella app is here and it’s a joy to try it!

LATER EDIT: This campaign ended in 2017.

This is the second fun app we developed for this internationally popular brand called… Nutella – probably the best hazelnut spread in the world – thanks again to Mind Treat Studios agency. It was a campaign for a limited time, though. 

This time, they wanted the next-level thing, so now you can choose not only your name AND a friend’s name (or anyone dear to you – or not, your choice), but also customized labels with funny and cool illustrations, specially designed based on your passions, hobbies and personality!

First, you have to buy a Nutella jar – and enjoy its delicious spread, yumm – and use the “Nutella ta” app on Then, you can start creating two personalized labels (different names, different designs, different colors and so on), enter your contact details and the number of the receipt in order to enter the contest. For the illustrations, you get to choose from 7 design categories like Nature, Special Occasions, Sport, DIY, Fun and so on, and from different colors. If you’re a winner in the contest, those two personalized labels will be printed and delivered to you, free of charge, to stick them on Nutella jars. A delicious surprise for a loved one, right? By the way, you can also download these labels and print them yourself.


Nutella® ta campaign

Our coders – the same ones who worked for the first app for Nutella – had a similar technical challenge, obviously, but a more complicated one. This time, behind this app is still a complex mechanism that not only have to remember and keep the combinations used by each user for both personalized labels correctly (name, category, design, color), but also to allow him to make changes whenever he want during the design process. So our guys developed another interesting algorithm in order for the app to run smoothly and make the process fun for the users.

Worth mentioning here that this web app uses two mechanisms: the previous one used in the first app launched for the Nutella brand (the name generator using Nutella’s font and colors + the personalized text from database) and this new algorithm described above. Again, 100% code!

Type: Web app

Year: 2017








Production Studio: Mind Treat Studios

Web Studio: eJump Media


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