Unirii View

 Unirii View

A full responsive & full screen website we developed to present a New York style project: the first class A office building in downtown Bucharest. Also, the soon-to-be third tallest office tower in the very heart of the city. A real, but amazing challenge!

The eJump  crew was glad to have such an ambitious client that assigned a challenging task to our guys and girls: to design and implement a full width, full responsive, mobile touch friendly presentation website for his amazing real estate project: Unirii View. All this, in a very short amount of time.

The designs are impeccable and follow a great New-York style (remember that Alicia Keys’ song?), using architecture as the main influence, minimalism in menus and scrolling and, of course, different maps related to the area. Here comes the implementation part: our coders worked on this one-of-a-kind presentation website and made changes on the fly due to the technical aspects this web project implied, the challenges that appeared during programming and testing and the animations involved. The result? We delivered a modern and stylish, full responsive presentation website in time for a big event held by our client and it was great.

Type: Website

Year: 2016




Java Script



Project: Unirii View

Client: Griffes

Web Studio: eJump Media

Extras: http://www.uniriiview.ro

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