This is the home of completely free HD stock video footage & motion graphics for your projects. 

Our clients from Oxford, UK, gave us the opportunity to build their website four years ago and, since then, we’ve have been taking care of this amazing project.

When you have a long-term relationship with a great open minded and communicative client across the ocean, it’s impossible not to get involved in his project and become more and more proactive. Even though our coding adventure started kind of funny, kind of sad a few years ago, when we lost a design contest, this Videvo project proved to be a more challenging and complex website than we all thought. All thanks to our client’s drive and ambition to transform this platform in one of the renowned providers of free stock videos, internationally.

After a while, he asked us to implement new functionalities and make fine adjustments, then to redesign the website, then optimizing it completely, so our workflow has become a thriving business relationship. Now, we continue to work on this largest online resource of completely free HD stock footage and motion graphics, taking it to a whole different level and we couldn’t be more happy to handle the programming and maintenance services for such a long time. Talking about crafting your web space!

Type: Website

Year: 2013





Project: Videvo

Web Studio: eJump Media


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