VMS City Shuttle

 VMS City Shuttle

Although it seems a simple and concise app, its technicalities were challenging. 

This was an interesting project to have on our hands. VMS offers premium transfer services and chauffeur drive dedicated to companies, so it’s a web based app which links customers to their chauffeurs and call center support and gives all the information they need about their premium trip.

What’s obviously important for this app is the fleet management feature. Meaning that with this app you’re in control with everything that’s going on, including what’s going on with your rides, real-time situations of the vehicle statuses, time of arrival and other functions that ensure overall efficiency and productivity. You’re simply up to date with everything second by second. Just hit the road!

Premium rides in town, a safe drive, nice chauffeurs, nonstop support and all the information you need to not worry about your trips. All that means this is a great project we’ve been working on for a long time. It’s pretty satisfying to see how their business grows so incredibly well and fast, knowing that we’re part of it, through our programmers and designers’ daily work behind the scenes. Our job was to develop a sharp, easy to navigate and super functional web app. Except this app involves pretty serious functionalities, API key integration, updates always ASAP and other cool features related to car renting services.

And they are also one of our first clients – a strong teamwork that led our clients’ local business on top, after studying abroad, implementing their ideas into this local project that now is so successful (thousands of clients!) that they’ve surpassed big western businesses.

Type: Web based App

Year: 2016




API Integration


Project: VMS

Web Studio: eJump Media

Extras: http://vms.ro

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