Yap Bicycle Compania

For this project, we had to impress a deeply passionate bicycle lover. He wanted to make his childhood dreams come true by launching an online bicycle shop.

This was an opportunity for him to share his passion for bikes with others like him, but to also showcase his master skills – as a mechanic and wheel builder, as he described himself. For us, it was an opportunity to be bold and creative for a project we really liked! (We have many bike lovers in our crew, so it made sense)

The way he talked in the brief about how many late nights he spent crafting and repairing bicycles, doing micro-millimeters adjustments to components just to make sure he achieved near perfection in every wheel for the rider to feel confident and happy – he talked about greatness and courage.

So yes, maybe that’s why we wanted to win this design contest – which we did in quite a short time for this case.

The challenge:

The client wanted a clean, beautiful and innovative Homepage to showcase his talent and expertise in providing bicycle lovers a new kind of cycling experience. The visual style had to be a bit retro, but not whimsical, also minimalist and easy to navigate. He also wanted to express “the essence of speed and grit“ while, of course, was appealing enough for new potential customers.

The result:

Desktop and mobile designs created in a simple, minimalist style. Our aim was to use attractive images for the products in the most interesting way. Moreover, we thought of adding a Shop by parts section, which looked kind of awesome in the end!

We wanted to offer the client a visual story that would set his project apart, and that’s why we made something totally different than the standard online bike shops – which are usually boring and lacking a decent UI/UX.

The client put passion in his work, we put passion in creating the designs – so we all won something 🙂

bicycle shop homepage desgin


Type: Web & Mobile Design

Year: 2017



Adobe XD


Project: Yap Bicycle Website and Mobile Design

Crowd-sourcing platform: 99designs

Web Studio: eJump Media

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