Yes Events

 Yes Events

Yes Events is a full-service agency that organizes events and offers logistical support. Their experience includes large weddings, corporate events and well-known conferences for professionals.

This is one of the dearest projects eJump team have worked on so far, thanks to a wonderful client, a smooth workflow and collaboration and a great final product: a flexible and modern presentation website for event planning agency, developed on WordPress, often offered as one of the example for potential clients who want to see how we work and what skills we have.

Maybe we also loved to work for YesEvents because eJump’s history of working together with these particular clients goes back a long way: we made their first website. After a certain pause for our collaboration, in which things changed a lot for everyone, we started working together again. This time, the task was to illustrate their weekly wonderful events (weddings and corporate parties) in their online presence without mixing up the two client segments.

Our web team worked on the design and development, but faced challenges on the road, of course. Having an ambitious and honest client involved some new ideas to be taken into consideration during the development process of a modern and fun website, but we all managed to come up with the best solutions for both parties. eJump’s client oriented, but also team oriented, so we care about our colleagues and our clients in the same time.

That helped us learn and grow as professionals and strengthen one of our greatest advantages: the communication flux between us, the coders and designers, and the client. Keeping all people updated is of great help when working and delivering an awesome web project, but also establishing new relationships and partnerships.

Type: Websites

Year: 2016




Project: Yes Events Website Design

Client: Yes Events

Web Studio: eJump Media


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