eJump and Autonom, another exciting partnership: UPGRADER.BIZ – pro bono project

Education is power – some may find it overrated with these constant shifts in what means to lead a good life, but we’re true believers of it. Through education, one can truly bring more change into their life and others’ as well, and this is why it is so important to invest as much time as possible in learning, opening yourself to opportunities and risks, and also paying it forward.

This idea is well ingrained in all our minds, no matter how different or quirky our colleagues may be. The power of education is instilled in each of us by our curiosity, but also by other people, mentors or friends, or even strangers that supported us at a certain point.

Upgrader.biz – a new pro bono project in the eJump’s web design and development portfolio 

And this is why we decided a long time ago – wow, we’re old! – to try to give back and hope for better changes in the world in the best way we can – by creating, designing and coding, advising and supporting various educational projects in Romania.     

To get to the point, After “Hai la Olimpiada”, project developed in collaboration with eMag Foundation, and “Global Dignity Romania”, project developed in line with the international NGO, whose mission is to promote tolerance, compassion, and dignity of all people, a new opportunity arose. And we took it, as a new pro bono project. 

We’re talking about the refreshing and ambitious upgrader.biz concept, newly taken over by Autonom, the leading company in the car rental and mobility solutions market in Romania. The motto of the project is “Better together”, which perfectly suits the concept. Upgrader.biz is about strengthening, supporting and helping the community of ambitious entrepreneurs in Romania.  

Since we’re long-term business collaborators (we work as the design and development team in charge of most of their amazing projects), and we got the chance to attend some of the community networking events, this new opportunity came naturally. Thanks to Upgrader activities, we now understand what real networking looks like and how engages people in further educating themselves and make things work within a strong and innovative community! 

We took the responsibility – and loads of excitement! – of handling all the future redesign and development work needed for the website and improve user experience to help people get the best from the platform. And can’t wait to work on it and help entrepreneurs and businesses make even greater things together in the community!

Stay tuned and get yourself into the world, because the world needs you, your skills and motivation!

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