Ride with VMS City Shuttle, Premium Transfers for Corporate Clients


Proudly presenting VMS, which stands for Vehicle Management System, a company founded ten years ago by our wonderful long-time clients. Being a long-term collaboration, it was pretty nice to see how their business and ours, too, evolved (we also were at the beginning of eJump), especially when we’ve been part of their growth.


They are ones of the first clients of eJump, so our relationship is a little bit special. Our company, small at first, was recommended to them to develop several presentation websites, including the website for VMS. Their request? To develop a complex, polished and businesslike web based app for their ambitious project. And our team did it.

VMS Cityshuttle – Shuttle Services and Fleet Management



VMS helps companies (the users of the web based app) to benefit from the most reliable and professional services regarding premium transfers and chauffeur drive for their employees, clients or partners, having the possibility to rent modern cars in advance and to have access to detailed information about their transfers, cars, drivers, route etc. Besides that, VMS offers car rental services all over the country to over 200 corporate clients already, as well as fleet management services, so… this is pretty serious business. Check it out!

Back to the development part:

Lucky for them, we’re professionals. Lucky for us, they’re professionals, too. Our team of developers had to build the Homepage and the booking page for the website, keeping in mind the important aspect of API key integration and the specific information needed by the user about his booked transfer, almost in real time. And there are plenty…

The challenge here was the synchronization itself between API and the impact on the app interface: the API was being built by a team, while ours was coding and integrating it; we had to implement ASAP (daily) new functionalities or updates. Basically, a lot of patience, flexibility and adaptability. The communication was critical between our developers, the ones who created the API and the one responsible for the concept of VMS’ complex app. All of our work together had to have logic and be optimized because every friggin’ millisecond matters.

The Booking page


In case you’re wondering why it’s so complex, well, the user gets to:

  • pick the date for the car rental
  • choose the pick-up location, destination, but also intermediate points if you have
  • specify how many persons are to be picked (for more than four, you can have a Mercedes Vito)
  • choose the payment method (chauffeurs have POS in the car also)
  • choose the type of service (standard, premium etc.)
  • choose a returning race
  • rate the chauffeur and the experience
  • see on the map where is the chauffeur and what route chooses to pick you up; driver’s personal info like his name, telephone number, picture, the car number – 20 minutes before the race begins (ongoing)

VMS Cityshuttle – Shuttle Services and Fleet Management



Back to development again, it’s all about data stream, so it’s essential for this app to be fast, reliable, easy to use. Our guys chose to use the mighty jQuery, exactly for this kind of fast & furious workflow. Basically, jQuery is so good because it eases the code syntax needed in this project and the updates would be easy to make. Win-win!

Another performant “weapon” of choice for both our clients and their users is slick JS, a responsive carousel framework for image sliders in the app, again, for the same reasons: it saves resources, is efficient, reliable and… you guessed, FAST.


Somehow, there is no ending for this project and we’re glad to know that, given the fact that our long time clients always come up with improvements and new goals to achieve. For now, the corporate clients have a trusty web based app to use for their transfers in the country. So stay tuned and stay safe. With VMS!