The Romanian Labor Market and IT Job Trends for 2019 – What to Expect as a Potential Candidate


We’re always glad to see talented juniors and skilled specialists finding awesome career opportunities at top companies or innovative start-ups in Romania. When people find meaning in what they do or simply give their best to work toward a common goal, the world around them changes as well. But how much can it change this year? 

We see this happening around us and also know the hard efforts put into matching amazing people to the right jobs they deserve, at the right companies. After all, we’re also part of this quest of offering a top notch work environment and the coolest perks to young IT enthusiasts and passionate developers who are a perfect fit for our crew as well.

But these hard-working people constantly devoted to finding this right match between candidates and companies in Romania do more than that. The HIPO team also works on annual reports on the labor market, job statistics and newest trends and expectations in the jobs industry.

I said “luckily” because, thanks to their work, we got to actually find out more about what companies and candidates look forward to in 2019, but also useful insights on internships and job offers for juniors and seniors, salaries, benefits and employees expectations, as well as useful job reccomendations from HR specialists.  

Let’s see some highlights and trends in the Romanian labor market for 2019, with a focus on the IT industry (worth mentioning: 315 companies participated at this comprehensive study).

Hiring trends

  • 74% of the companies said they want to increase the number of their employees  
  • 50% of the companies plan to hire more juniors, followed by 38% of respondents who are looking for seniors
  • The IT Software industry is on 1st position when it comes to job opportunities for 2019

*eJump always makes room for awesome people. Whether you’re an enthusiastic junior or a proactive senior developer, we’re looking for your greatness when you’re ready to conquer the space.

Junior jobs versus Senior jobs – internships and job opportunities

  • More internships for 2019! Over 63% of the companies want to recruit interns (with 15% of them looking to recruit over ten interns). Half of them plan to hire most of their interns on the long-term.
  • Although there are still companies that do not offer paid internships (around 30%), plenty of businesses offer valuable salaries to interns.   
  • The most important criteria for JUNIOR hiring: over 20% look at the previous experience; the second and third criteria are internships, respectively faculty specializations
  • There are 94% employers who plan to hire seniors and specialists in 2019. Wow!
  • The most important criteria for SENIOR hiring: over 26% look at relevant work experience; the second and third criteria are the candidate’s hard-skills and MOTIVATION (we like this!)
  • What matters most to companies when it comes to advancing your career (as employee): proactivity, continuous development, long-term results, engagement in daily work, finding innovative solutions.  

*We offer 5 to 10 internships every year to IT students, so can’t wait to meet you whenever you’re ready to learn more about front-end, back-end or web & mobile apps – no previous work experience needed,  just motivation, passion and basic web skills. Check out our Careers page. Oh, and our work schedule is always flexible.

Salaries and extra job perks – companies and candidates’ expectations

We’re glad to see that none of the respondents believe that salaries will decrease this year. In fact, the statistics show that most of the companies think that salaries will actually increase (19% think that we’ll see an increase of over 10%).

  • For the IT industry, the average net salary for a entry level/junior will be around 500-700 euro – as expected, the biggest salary from all industries
  • There are drastic differences in candidates’ expectations depending on their expertise. While the entry level salary is the same for all candidates in all industries, for the junior, middle level and senior level we see big discrepancies in desired salary – at least for the technology field (From 2500 lei as entry level to 6500 lei as senior).
  • Top EXTRA PERKS / BENEFITS for employees are: lunch tickets, private medical insurance, flexible work schedule, holiday bonuses, work from home.
  • WORK-LIFE BALANCE and REMOTE WORKING are becoming more important to people in 2019. Half of the companies said that they offered employees with higher education the possibility of remote working at least one day a month. 

*Most of our perks are loved by the crew and you can find them while playing PacMan (eJump version).  

The Recruitment Process – how companies hire you?

  • Apparently, half of the respondent employers in Romania allocate one month for their own recruiting process – from the first interview to the final offer sent to the chosen candidate. The hiring steps mostly refer to the usual ones – interviews with the recruiter and the managers and a test.
  • Top SOFT SKILLS loved by companies – flexibility (adaptability); communication skills, proactivity, result-orientation, continuous learning, teamwork.
  • These seem much more important than stress management, leadership and project management skills.

*At eJump, we love them all. But what’s most important in our crew is: to be passionate about what you do, communicate honestly, respect yourself and people around you.

Extra: The Candidate of The Year 2019

According to the HIPO survey for 2019, companies responded that the ideal candidate to hire in 2019 is motivated, innovative, flexible and perseverent, but is also defined by self-motivation, intellectual curiosity, a can do attitude, autonomy, engagement and versatility.

Extra: The Jobs of The Future (2030)

According to the HIPO survey for 2019,  it seems that we’ll see more medics, mechanics, electricians and farmers, but also experts in tax codes, information security analysts, counselors in genetics, IoT architects, HR managers, RPA developers, robotics developers and other jobs that require expertise in an innovative field.

As for the future eJumpers on board of our spaceshuttle…

We appreciate candidates who are genuinely curious not only about the job requirements and their career advancement in the company, but especially those who want to find out more about our eJump’s culture and values that we follow here, about this fun and wonderful crew and about our flexible and organized worflow.

We’re also happy to see candidates that ask us about what we do in our leisure time or about the projects they see in our Portfolio page on the website – some of them give us suggestions or ask us if we’re open to new approaches – and this is pretty awesome! When a candidate does his research before coming to the interview will always have a greater start in the recruiting process.

As for the questions that shouldn’t be asked at our first interview – are those asking for salary and benefits BEFORE even discussing about the job responsibilities or the expectations of each of us – theirs and ours. It happened to us to be asked about a financial offer out of the blue, before even getting to know the person. Obviously we understand the value of salary – we’re people who work to enjoy a happy life, too – and know it’s important, but asking that out of the blue it’s a bit… too much. Instead, we love meeting new determined people who are eager to do what they love and learn more about how to become the best at it. So, let’s talk more about doing awesome work together!