What we do

eJump is a progressive Online Identity and Web & Mobile Development Agency, offering both web design and web development professional services, as well as mobile apps solutions to cool customers from every corner of the world (e.g. UK, Germany, the Netherlands, US, Canada, Australia). To be more specific, we are:

  • 15 energetic web designers, programmers and project managers ready to come up with creative and innovative solutions for you.
  • team who successfully completed over 500 web projects and mobile apps for more than 150 clients in 12 countries in the past 10 years. Yes, we like numbers.
  • Experienced in the most important web design (g. Logo, Website Layout, Illustration, UI/UX) and web and app development areas (e.g. PHP, MySQL, multiple Frameworks, CMS – WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Open Cart, ERP/CRM,, we handle complex projects with the clear goals of generating sales, bringing traffic or speeding up internal processes.

But in the end we do magic, and sometimes even the impossible. We take one awesome idea (usually your business or service) and create a visual online experience tailored to your needs and goals.


How We Work

We are probably the friendliest tech freaks you will ever meet – we get to know the people behind the monitors, the actual users, and try to understand the big picture behind every project, while mastering even the smallest of details. Some of our clients are top Ad Agencies and we act as a “behind the scenes” digital factory for them, while some others are owners of Small and medium enterprises, who value the quality of our work and, we’re pretty sure, our fair price. When we feel playful, we hang around crowdsourcing platforms, challenging ourselves to win proposals while competing with web designers and web developers from all over the world.

Our clients choose us for recurrent projects or recommend us to their friends and business partners because we offer:

  • Guaranteed availability at least 8 hours/day, every business day.There’s 15 of us in a reliable office with one of the best and most stable Internet connections in the world.
  • High-quality as a standard for everything, from web design to implementation. Because respect for our clients is one of our core values and we respect your time and trust.
  • Prompt response, no matter what. We want to be transparent and be reliable so you can make the right decisions for your business.
  • Relevant experience. We are a large team with various skills (project management, web design, PHP, MySQL, multiple frameworks, CRM/ERP expertize) and we can improve your project on all aspects.
  • Proficient English language skills. Need we say more?

WE TURN ANY PROJECT INTO A GREAT EXPERIENCE. In order to make sure you’ll enjoy one too, here are some extra perks of working with us:

  • Project Analysis / Management. The process of understanding your business needs, planning your project together and supervising it up until the end.
  • Content Management. Because you will need content. Even if you have it already, it will need to be inserted smoothly into the project and adjusted accordingly.
  • Infrastructure We take good care of each of our projects, by implementing the best infrastructure solutions, troubleshooting, prevention, software upgrades, permanent monitoring and maintenance.
  • Tutorials / Website Use Training. So that you and your team will know exactly how to use the developed app or website we’ve worked on.
  • SEO-Friendly Implementation & Page Speed Optimization. It is crucial if you want a good presence in the popular search engines that would trigger leads.
  • Testing. Every self-respecting company would include this stage to make sure everything works great. We guarantee to deliver a fully-tested project.

For things to run more smoothly, we developed a certain workflow for each of our client categories:

  • Ad agencies

    We love ad agencies so we give our best to maintain a healthy and thriving business relationship. So we’re always prompt, dedicated and… confidential.

    To start on the right foot we assign a dedicated project manager to represent our team and communicate with your project manager. That makes communication a lot easier. Our project manager is genuinely interested to serve your best interest. He or she is a phone call or email away and you can ask questions or ask for more information.

    Full confidentiality This is paramount, right? We live and die by this rule. Full confidentiality is guaranteed by our team at all times.

    How we get started We learned that a successful project starts with a clear idea and a plan. So it goes like this usually:

    • We clarify the goals and the scope of project (we run it entirely – web design and coding, or we only run a certain module of coding/ web design).
    • We establish a precise timeline.
    • We agree on clear milestones.

    Getting things done Once those are set, we schedule update sessions weekly or as often as agreed initially. We’re very organized and base everything on the Agile methodology. We also use tools like Asana or Jira to post tasks and statuses in real time and stay on top of things.

    Changes? We’re ahead of them We are available for any emergency or last minute changes. We expect a certain amount of unexpected changes that we include in the project outline. Depending on how many of them we’ll have to handle or how often they arise, we can revise the project and readjust the budget.

    Quality control all the time We test the project at multiple time phases, not just at the end. This ensures that we eliminate errors before they become a real problem. Next, we offer full support when going live. It isn’t done until we see it live and working perfectly. Finally, we can offer maintenance and support post development. We’ll always be around to intervene if there’s any emergency or to make the changes you might need in the future.

  • SMEs (small and medium enterprises) owners

    We love these project as we come accross unique ideas and passion-driven entrepreneurs and teams. We also love to do a great job, so there’s a system we follow.

    We start with initial consulting sessions to make sure the clients’ expections are clear to us and our services are clear to the client. We spend as much time as necessary at this free-of-charge phase of the process, as our clients are sometimes not very familiar with IT language and all the possibilities they can tap into and the inherent limitations of web design and development. Then comes the very interesting part:

    • We assign a dedicated project manager who is very prompt. Your team can contact him or her by phone/ email to request more info, ask questions or provide more details. 15 people will work on your project, but you only need to speak with one.
    • Confidentiality is a given. We guarantee full confidentiality from all of our team members.
    • To get things started and headed on the right direction, we follow 3 simple steps:
      • We establish clear goals and the scope of project. We can run it entirely – web design and coding, or we can run only a certain module of coding/ web design. You choose.
      • We come up with a precise timeline.
      • We set the milestones of the project.

    • To keep you in the loop we set weekly or even daily update sessions. We’re very organized and base our work on the Agile methodology. We also rely on cool tools like Asana and Jira for internal management but also to post statuses and tasks in real time.
    • We are available and plan for some emergencies or last minute changes. If these are more than we expected, we’ll get them done as quickly as possible and we can revise the project and the budget together.
    • You know how we make sure the final project is error-free? We test it in multiple phases, not just at the end. That helps us identify problems in a very early stage, when they can be solved quickly.
    • It’s not done until it’s live and working as you want it to. We offer support for going live and carefully supervise the process.
    • We’re always around if you need us to offer maintenance and support post development.

    Every journey starts with a first step. So why don’t we start right now with the free consulting sessions? Contact us today!

  • Crowdsourcing platforms

    Crowdsourcing platforms are very dear to us. They challenge us, push our limits, give us a little bit of adrenaline and allow us to explore new territories.

    For clients they are cool also, as they give you a chance to get more options to choose from and get a fair price. This is how we usually interact with crowdsourcing platforms:

    • We usually go to 99designs – the platform where we actually got our first clients – and get in the race for the most exciting projects there. You can check out our profile. We’re proud members since 2009 and they actually wrote about us on their blog.
    • We sign up for interesting design contests and when we win them or the client is interested in more details, we present eJump, the team behind Hitron.
    • On 99designs we usually interact with either small or medium enterprise owners or ad agencies. Once we establish contact and we decide to work together, we follow our internal process for each type of client. This helps us get things done more quickly and effective. You can check out the processes for Ad Agencies or SME owners in our dedicated pages.

    So if you want to give crowdsourcing a try, let’s meet there too.

How about our price?

We know that the budget is one of the key decision factors when choosing whether to work with us or not. Or with anyone for that matter. However, we believe there’s something more important than the cost: we would like to make sure that even before our first assignment together, you have full transparency over expected results. You will find that the cost estimate we propose takes ALL aspects of the project into consideration. We used to be clients before being web designers and web developers and we know that’s a rare thing.