Team Building No. 5: Bouncing of Joy in the Mountains. Literally!

Dog on an autumn day illustration

This mid-October weekend was another one to remember, even it‘s our fifth team building. Besides the vibrant, warm, autumn scenery we had the chance to admire during our stay, we got to live the most unexpected, funniest, relaxing moments together. Most of these memories really were one of a kind and we got to discover one another in the simplest way: being purely ourselves. Some of us even laughed and joked that what happens in Moieciu, stays in Moieciu. Riiiight.


ONE: Laughing our heads off

“On the road again, I can’t wait to get on the road again”… this song kept repeating in our heads while we ended all our tasks, before eJumping into the new adventure: Moieciu ’92 (inside joke again, like in the previous team buildings).

After a long trip, filled with silly jokes, funny voice messages exchanged with the others and bonding while singing Romanian songs – long live 2000s! – we arrived at the destination. After a cute & unexpected welcome with sparkling sticks and a glass of wine for the girls who were late at the party – for a good reason, okay? – we set the grill and enjoyed the good company. Many of us are new in the team, so it was pretty exciting. There were soft wrestling fights, trampoline acrobatics, and quirky dances. Endorphins unleashed!

The night was young and so were we. We got rid of any anxiety and discovered one another as we were, like good old friends that got to live another happy, memorable moment. We shared personal stories, laughed together, made fun of hardships and found so many similarities between our stories. We didn’t have any idea about how much we had in common!

And one of the craziest and funniest things that happened that first night was that nobody was willing to go to sleep. Except for some of us. Who, unfortunately, while reading quietly in the room, woke up with two colleagues looking for something. Then with another one. And another one. Aaaaand another one. In one small room for two, there were eight or nine people making fun of one another and random stuff, laughing our heads off or just falling asleep in the most uncomfortable positions.

TWO: Nothing is the same after this trip

Saturday, we started the morning with breakfast and a good cup of coffee outside then started the special edition of “Teambuilding activities” prepared by Andreea, our dear project manager, and Sorin, one of our energetic coders. Boring, huh? Well, although some of us were “meh” regarding “corporate stuff” like that, the activities were funny, relaxing and well-thought-out. I won’t explain them, but it was fun even for the shiest and most reluctant ones. We ended with a great “Free group hug” aaaand a surprise for Silviu, one of our colleagues from the Inovium team, who celebrated his birthday on Friday the 13th. Our gift was a T-shirt with his favorite dark things printed on it. His reaction was priceless!

After that, some of us went visiting the Dambovicioara Cave, while others decided to relax and take a good nap. When the evening came, we all meet downstairs and played backgammon (Bogdan just learned it then, so he won’t forget that day!), hardcore poker (Alin is still number one!), and cards. Some of us still stayed outside, listening to all types of music. Everyone was feeling happy and friendship was in the air, more than anything else. Except for colds.

THREE: The crew is back. And it’s better than ever  

Here comes the sun, but also the leaving morning. We didn’t expect to have such a wonderful time there. Maybe next time we’ll stay more – let’s see what the bosses think about it (already mentioned now publicly, ha ha!). The road was long, but every hour seemed like a second, like when you have your crew with you, you know? And we couldn’t stay away too long: shared photos, gave calls to know where everyone is, and remembering the funniest moments, still fresh in our minds. When we got home, we had a moment to realize something real. We’re definitely the best team for us!