The Anti-Case Study for a Web Project: YES EVENTS

yes events web design


The reason why we thought about an anti-case study is that this project has helped us consolidate our great relationship with the Yes Events team. Thus, we’re not talking about a simple “case” anymore. We actually got to catch up with Corina, the owner of Yes Events and an old friend of ours, during the development of their brand new website.

Our history of working together goes back a long way. We created their first website, at a time when a business could still get clients just by posting some ads in the local newspaper. Our collaboration ceased at some point and they contracted another web provider, but soon enough we started working together again, once we received their call.

This time, the final result truly reflects their professionalism and great business model when it comes to organizing memorable events, whether if it’s a wedding or a corporate affair. But going a few steps back and getting into the details of the project, it all started when they introduced their business to us. Yes Events, as the name suggest, is an event management agency, but also a logistics supplier for the industry, or as they like to say, “a business with a dynamic profile for a booming brand.” We loved this clever value proposition right from the start! 


  • The task we were presented with was rather an open question which resulted in complex discussions and yet a simple, clean final product: “How can we illustrate in our online presence the beautiful events we take part in every week, both weddings and corporate parties, without mixing up these two client segments?”
  • From defining what they wanted, the Yes Events team quickly found the solution – or at least that one person who can provide a solution: our Operations Manager, Bogdan, who received the call right away.


So, the first part we went through was an analysis of our existing website and especially an honest discussion about: the good & the bad parts of our sites, the opportunities that a new website would bring, our expectations from this project and the big question (probably not what you’re thinking about right now) – why do we need a new website?

We had an open conversation, which actually got us thinking about our online needs. Further on, we described them the structure we thought our website should have. And probably their designers had read our minds too, because they came up with amazing proposals – pun unintended –, especially Cornelia. No major changes were needed.

But then we got to the implementation part, where Liviu helped us so much. We must confess: unfortunately for our providers, we are the kind of clients who always come up with new ideas as the implementation of a project is in progress, but this was not a problem for eJump. They never said no without trying to find a convenient solution in advance, which was in everyone’s advantage.

The communication flux between us and eJump has a very simple formula: discussions – updates – information – feedback. But, in the end, we had a very successful project: Finally, the best part of this project is probably its dynamism, because now we know we’ll go back to eJump and make all necessary updates to keep our website modern, fun and attractive.


We knew right from the start that their website had to transmit the thrill and excitement of a flawless event, which is actually the most important aspect of their work and the catalyst of so many new partnerships – since many clients access their website, look at some beautiful photos and want exactly the same thing. The old website wasn’t so friendly with the users and didn’t allow for quick and easy updates, which might come as discouraging. We knew we had to go for something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue – just kidding. Mostly we wanted it to be modern, flexible and customizable, all with a great design.

Speaking of the design, we initially worked on two proposals: each of our designers – a guy and a girl – came up with different ideas. Cornelia’s proposal won the day. Was it probably because she might understand the world of weddings better? 🙂

In the process, they came up with quite a few modifications of the initial brief – but in the end, the final product had to represent them and we were determined to make that happen. We don’t mind departing from the initial brief here and there, as long as our clients are open towards us during the process and happy in the end.

Our belief in almost daily status notifications helped us once again. We kept them informed about the project, which allowed the Yes Events team to come up with many ideas of improvement. One of these ideas that we got to discuss about and finally implement was the automation, the storage and the aspect of their offers. It took us a while to have it ready, but it was totally worth it.


When it comes to the wedding planning industry, we might not understand any detail, but we do understand that a company which deals with such an exciting part of our lives deserves the very best online identity. The people behind the Yes Events brand are true professionals we’d completely trust them with creating magic for such a milestone in our lives. All they needed was an equally amazing website, which is now live! Take a look at it: