VIDEVO, One of the Best Providers of HD Free Stock Videos

The story with this old client of ours is kind of funny. Kind of…

We met him during a contest we participated at, on 99designs platform. Awkwardly enough, we got second place, but helped him to implement the winner designs. But guess what, we’ve come a long way together since those days!



Initially, the client wanted a website as simple as possible on which to upload stock videos to be downloaded by users. Later, thanks to his inspiration and ambition, the business grown and the users kept coming on this website, so it was a matter of time until the initial software platform to risk to be killed due to the soft requests and huge amount of data. So the performance of the project was in danger.


We helped him by implementing new functionalities and making fine adjustments to some of them (tweaking), redesigning the website, but also by optimizing it, its loading speed and so on. That’s why Videvo has become one of the internationally renowned online stock resources providers.

Every website loaded with this massive amount of resources must be fast, intuitive, secure, and relevant. Obviously, those were top priorities for eJump, too.

Our tech geeks worked hard on the fast loading speed and on the processing of the videos uploaded by users. Not to mention the security aspect, always important. Another challenge of this continuously growing project was the relevance of Search functionality and results – it had to be as intuitive as possible and its mechanism relevant to the user, the displayed results relevant, basically RELEVANT was the key word for the entire project.

We must admit, the more complicated aspect here was that, if you weren’t careful all the time, you’d risk that some of your changes to ruin something else while coding. Luckily, our client is one of those confident and cool ones, so he didn’t pressure us or something. Anyway, we did had to test the system all the time, but hey, that’s one of the key rules for an up to date project and high quality work delivered, right?

The same goes for the SEO aspect: we had to improve it without alter the existent indexing for some pages. Special rules were needed to be written by us in the code and we wrote them. Nice and smooth. It was of great help that his local time was 2h ahead and that the communication between us is always great.



We made it! And we think we made it good, because we’re still on board for new awesome challenges and last minute changes. Check out Videvo, the largest online resource of completely free HD stock footage and motion graphics for any project you have!