Year In Review 2016: Key Moments & Fun Facts About eJump Crew

Year in review

Looking back at the proudest, funniest, challenging and maybe silliest moments of the last year, we couldn’t but notice that, one way or another, they were real milestones. Besides working with all we got for some intriguing web design & dev projects, last year was about relaxing the body and mind in mountain escapades or during pizza, board games & movie nights, arranging our Zen garden in the meeting room, welcoming or saying goodbye and even watching closely the mysterious fish life cycle in the aquarium. But, most importantly, becoming more and more of a badass team.

Long story short, 2016 was a year of breaking boundaries and discovering new things both in online and offline. Cheers to:

The launch of eJump’s official website

Drum roll, please: the one and only, both our playground and our pride, the official website! Some clients even had that „I want a website like yours” request in our interaction.

8 LogOuts

Meaning team buildings in Bulgaria and Râșnov (Brașov); pizza, beer & board games nights, but also movie nights (a premiere for eJump) when we watched “The Usual Suspects” and “Funny Games”…

Funny Games (2007) wasn't funny

22 massage days

So, practically, 100s of massages. The proper functioning of our coders, designers, project managers, testers and leaders worked muscles depended on those weekly blessings at the office.  

139 gratitude notes

…which not only boosted our dopamine and serotonin levels, but the fruit supply, also – as part of the challenge, back in October. Oh, and free movie tickets and lunch.

Thank you notes we've written and received

Thank you notes we’ve written and received

1 new record

Oh, boy! More than 3 of our colleagues (the previous record) have worked and are still working on a really big international project, so we’re kind of excited about that.

150 survivors

…from an exotic community of 250, in our dazzling aquarium. Something’s fishy there…

Underwater magic!

Underwater magic!

1 treasure hunt

At the office, on Cornelia’s birthday. Because what’s life without games, right?

1 Christmas party

Secret Santa and a plus one included. Meaning every eJumper could have been joined by a dear one. Great food, great wine, great games together!

Radu, spreading the Christmas cheer

Radu, one of our leaders, spreading the cheer as usual

2 projects nominated at Webstock

We talk about Bariatrie & Simplomat. The next step would be to actually win and get on that stage to thank our fans, family and God, just like at the Oscars. Though, we prefer to work behind the scenes…

1 pro bono project

Global Dignity. Because the joy of being part of such beautiful project gives more feel good vibes into our lives as well, let’s face it.

Become the best version of yourself!

Become the best version of yourself!

11 sweet orders

All placed on Alice Sweetshop, which somehow become our sweets dealer. Can’t get enough of their goodies, so maybe a subscription isn’t such a bad idea…

4 hand picked & homemade terrariums

One couldn’t make it through the first week, another one is so stubborn to live a solitary life in our “garden”, while the other two made peace with us and struggle to live on their own.

One is gone, one is alone, two are on their own

One is gone, one is alone, two are on their own

4 more terabytes

…on our server, so that everybody could get more memory. Sharing is caring, bro’.

20700 hours

… spent working in 2016 by all. If good things come to those who wait come to those who work their asses off and never give up, then this year is blessed in advance with awesome things.

Everybody, let’s make 2017 the best year!