eJump’s Year in Review – Not the Special Edition 2020

The time has come for a short and sweet recap of what this year meant for us all at eJump – but yeah… we’ll pretend that nothing unusual happened and keep the good ol’ positive vibes only. We call it the „not a special” Year in Review edition!

We honestly don’t know how many people read these yearly reviews (we saw the memes, so we know😒). But it’s something we care about, as a token of appreciation and hope to everyone – the team, the clients, the collaborators who worked hard to make so much amazing stuff happen this year.

What happened in the world during 2020?

We’ve all rethought, rebuilt, restarted, retooled, reconsidered ideas, privileges and habits. Generally speaking, the world is changing – and is changing fast. 

Google decided it was time for a new brand identity, and people freaked out a bit. Zoom became King of the prom, followed close by other video conferencing apps, and everyone loves it – parents, grandparents, teachers, students, coaches. And suddenly, so many people realized that it’s so cool to work in IT!

PS: From top-notch VR and a levitating light bulb, to a sanitizing wand or a water walker & spa (pretty cool, trust us!), here you can check out a few awesome inventions worth noting in 2020.

Moving on to our list of accomplishments and milestones this year at eJump…


🎂20 Bdays and 12 Work Anniversaries

Whoa, this year we got more peeps to celebrate! That’s a good thing: it means next year we’ll be eating a lot of cake! Even though it’s been a rollercoaster these months – to be or not to be at the office was a big thrill – it’s an awesome milestone to celebrate so many people in the team.

Although all the pizza, the cakes and the parties took place at home or away on a trip, it matters to all of us to keep remembering and celebrating all the birthdays and the work anniversaries, as happy moments in our own lives, and as reminders of our accomplishments and personal growth journeys. Kudos to that!  

🏢1 bold attempt to expand the office…

Hey, sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. It was pretty huge for eJump to expand our office and take over a whole new floor, especially since our team and our work are constantly growing. Plus, every cool company deserves cool meeting rooms and relaxing corners – so it was indeed a big move this year!

Unfortunately, this year wasn’t the right one for this move, so it got postponed a bit…more. On a positive note, we tried! And we’ll try again 😊

🤘1 Smarketer to rule them (sales) all

Another great thing that happened to us in the middle of the year was Lucian, our Smarketer 😎. This guy came up and played a lot with cool ideas to jump eJump even further in the vast world of digital innovation. And we couldn’t be happier!

✌2 out of 3 cool interns stuck with us

We’ve been working remotely almost the entire year, and despite the big change, everyone has adapted as much as they could. And we couldn’t be prouder that three interns took the challenge and joined our forces in 2020 to solve coding challenges and learn new stuff along the way.

What’s even better? Two of them, Dragos and Marius, are „stuck” with us on the eJump space shuttle working on new projects together with the crew!

the team at ejump

👯2 new project managers

Like we said, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. It’s the natural flow of growing and getting where you’re meant to be. After some fun time – and plenty of awesome projects completed together – with Raluca, our project manager for a year and a half, we had to say goodbye. But we’re happy that this journey happened to bring at eJump not one, but two new project managers, Alexandra and Razvan, and they’re both unique and talented 😎

🚀21 eJumpers on board!

It is actually a record number, since we never had that many peeps in the past ten years of eJump. This is one reason why our crew can better work in small dedicated teams on challenging projects, to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Given the fact that we have more project managers, new roles in the team and new projects, it is truly a big accomplishment that promises more surprises, developments and a positive impact on the future.

📽1 exciting in-house project at eJump!

When there are so many talented, passionate and geeky people on board, it’s impossible not to brainstorm ideas and think of new, courageous ways to innovate and help others.

In the middle of this year, a partnership was born between eJump the company and a few eJumpers who had an exciting vision. Together, we aim to transform this creative idea into a customised digital experience – we stay true to our motto 🙂

We’re talking about Carta, an internal project in the making that will help HoReCa owners and managers easily adapt their businesses and offer a highly improved, authentic experience to their customers. Stay tuned for more 🙂

☃1 teambuilding (a)live this year

Okay, okay, it’s not a big milestone given the fact that, last year, we had four of them. It’s been only one teambuilding this year, but it was special! We had our first winter getaway ever, right in the middle of the snowy mountains. We were back to our favorite corner of paradise, and the fun was epic: we had campfire and stories, games and a snowman, walking through the forest and skiing, lots of hygge.

🙏81 coaching sessions to keep us well

Another milestone that is bigger than last year’s. Wellbeing is key to being productive and driven, but also satisfied, optimistic and resilient, especially these days. And we think it’s crucial to our team’s success and happiness to support that in some way.

That’s why it’s rewarding to see that many colleagues chose to continue their personal and professional growth online with some help from Simona, the cool psychologist we’ve been working with for some years already.

🐟🐠🐡250 cute fish longing to see our cute faces

There is some loneliness in the air. We can feel it because many of our guys and gals are wondering what our fish are doing these days. The fish are wondering, too, alone. The aquarium is still in the same place at the office, with all those cute little fish missing us so much: the way we walk, the way we talk and stare at them. Maybe we’ll put some team photos close to them and hope for the big reunion.  

🐒1 virtual tour 

For the nostalgic people out there, slowly forgetting how the office looked like, or wondering if there’s a whole new civilization living in a jungle there, here’s a virtual tour for you. All is well!   

🎮Moving on from Slack to Discord

The people have spoken – and decided it was time for a change regarding our communication tools. Slack is very nice, but Discord is more suitable for our flow for various tech reasons (won’t get into geeky details).

This change aims to strengthen a clearer, easier and more frequent communication among us, especially when working so much remotely, independently and in teams.

💊Safety first 

Again, it’s like there’s a silver lining in everything. Unfortunately, we had to stop the weekly massage sessions at the office because, well, obviously we weren’t working there anymore due to restrictions. We missed it so much, but… we thought of compensating with another perk that’s actually pretty relevant nowadays – a private medical insurance for all eJumpers. May we be healthy and safe, like the mantra goes.

🏆27677 hours of work

What’s our year in review without these numbers, heh? It’s much more than last year, kudos to the crew!


Our gratitude is huge because we didn’t lose any client this year. On the contrary. New clients decided to grow their businesses with us, while some of the existing ones came with new ideas.

We’ve completed two amazing web projects for our long-term client Mike from the US – FATHOM and ICOMold in the modern manufacturing industry.

Another long-term client of eJump, Autonom Group (Romania), is in the process of merging with BT Operational Leasing, so cheers to another project in their portfolio!

Piataperoti.ro is an online marketplace and a dear project that we had to develop ASAP. Due to the…you know what, our client had to adapt the business in order to help local producers and farms to get in touch and deliver their products to customers.

Obviously, the award for the coolest mobile app we designed and developed this year goes to… CarFix (leasing and insurance industry)!

And we couldn’t forget about the exquisite wine and restaurants platform GoMio, awesomely designed and developed for Gault & Millau in Romania.

And some final touches and updates for a few incredible existing projects, such as networkreadinessindex.org, asistentarutiera.ro, boxofficelocations.ro, litera.ro (who had its own big Black Friday online and it was amazing!), latzio.com, and Shiptech (proudly working on it for the 5th year in a row).

And let’s not forget the belated, but happy launch of the innovative ACA-secretariat.be for the Academic Cooperation Association (located in Brussels).

To sum it up…

We move with the times, so it’s understandable why the overall dynamics have changed as well, from short-term to long-term (crazy, right?): there have been fewer small and medium projects and more bigger ones that need dedicated web design and coding teams at eJump.

And it’s amazing to see that, despite a hell of a year, we all adapted and became more resilient in our own rhythm. It’s also a year in review that proves how gratitude and the power of will can literally move us further to silver linings, acknowledging all the bad days and difficulties we stumble upon the road. We really hope as many people as possible were able to see through and follow their path as well.

In the end, we are here and we are together. It’s nothing special but, at the same time, nothing ordinary. We, at eJump, wish all of you to stay healthy and safe and watch as many cheesy Christmas movies as possible for the good times!