Web design & web development one stop shop for your online needs, where we approach your project as one of our own.

Web design

We shape smart ideas into powerful and convincing websites. Try our functional, well-thought-out and, above all, beautiful design solutions that will generate wonder, leads and sales.

Web development

As close to perfection as humanly possible, our web development solutions are lean , mean , conversion machines. Test out the ultimate web development services that will jump your business to the next level.


Ad Agencies Projects

Our greatest inspiration comes from the ideas we bring to life in collaboration with household names of the advertising industry.


Being a Bucharest-based SME ourselves, we understand the importance of a great online identity in line with the company culture.

Crowd-Sourcing Projects

Our valuable interactions with clients from all over the world has had a great impact on us as a company and as a team so far.

Want to join our team?

Trust us, there is life at work! Discover the perfect blend of awesome team mates, challenging projects, cool work environment and the extra perks that matter.

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Our Story

Hi there! How’s work going along? I’d love to meet you for a cup of tea and tell you the story of eJump and all about how it is relevant to you and your business. For now, though, I’ll have to make do with written words. So here we go. I speak for myself and Radu, my partner, when I say I truly believe that great results come when you really love what you do. That’s when you put in the extra effort to do something amazing, no matter the pay. It was never really verbalized between us, but eJump was kind of born out of this belief. And it leads to all kinds of cool advantages for the client, like, for example, really creative work.

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