How we work

What we hope is already obvious is our care for our people. We know that even cosmic jumps are performed by regular guys capable of extraordinary achievements when given the proper environment and support. Underneath are the Key Roles in our project workflow:

  • Project Manager manager-icon
  • Business Analyst analyst-icon
  • Designer designer-icon
  • Client
  • Developer developer-icon
  • Tester tester-icon


The snazzy look of many of our projects is the merit of some of our designers. While we focus on developing fail-safe products and quality IT solutions, we are well aware of the importance of a coherent design, reflective of your company’s visual identity. Oh, and beauty, everyone loves a good-looking website or app.

Project Manager

Looking at the plethora of positions you find in an IT team, it seems rather difficult to communicate with them all. Which is why you don’t have to. A project manager will be tasked with managing communication, relaying feedback, building relationships and making sure that our products are delivered on time and in a ready-to-use state.

Back End Developer

We believe that back-end developers are the unsung heroes behind our projects, making everything work and keeping our clients happy. They are skilled at implementing even the most complex solutions, are good at working within deadlines and especially keen on process optimization. Think of them as the foundation builders for your online presence.

Front End Developer

Our front end developers are the ones who help the more visible parts of our projects come to life. They also consult and advise clients and they love to keep in touch with the latest trends. Our front end developers are highly experienced and enjoy bringing the boldest designs to life. Clients seem to rave about them, and we’re sure you will too.

Bogdan & Radu

Yes you might have guessed, a “Bogdan” and “Radu” are not positions per se, but they are the overall managers of eJump and you are bound to meet them if you work with the company. Bogdan and Radu founded eJump and, soon enough, discovered what it takes to motivate and coordinate a diverse and creative team. Their experience has imprinted on the company’s style of work and is a guarantee for overall quality.

Full stack developers

For certain projects, overhead can be minimized and communication simplified by working with one of our full stack developers. Working both the front and the back end of product development, they are highly skilled in web technologies and architecture. Needless to say, the feedback loop is really efficient with these ones.

QA AKA Client Happiness Manager

The universe is neither perfect nor imperfect. It just is. In stark contrast, IT products can be very much perfected with thorough testing. Our QA engineers have a critical eye and are detail oriented. They help us avoid unnecessary annoyances for our customers and make sure that everything we deliver is fit for purpose. Think of them as Client Happiness Managers. Which they most certainly are.


We help sow together a nice text that goes with our products. That is, someone will help your UI come alive by carefully weaving a coherent verbal identity that matches our designs as well as your company’s brand identity. This is important in making sure that our products carefully integrate into your company’s wider e-presence.

We develop web applications for any device and platform of your choice vice and platform of your choice.

Pillars for
great work

Pillars image

The pillars of great work. What we care most about is to always keep and respect our core values:


which implies transparency in all our communication.


which means constructive attitudes and openness.


which stands for real commitment for well-made things.

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