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It all starts with an Idea

Brainstorm &
Define Brief
Testing & Quality

1. Discussion & Analysis

Our work with any project commences with an initial discussion. We expect our clients to describe the issues they want to solve, helping us propose a rough set of potential solutions. This stage is interactive, and we often offer clients a glimpse into our prior portfolio and our own personal recommendations. This helps set things in motion.

2. Define Order Scope

After agreeing to a broad set of objectives and solutions, we need to define the scope of our work. We can offer a package detailing the basic work needed to deliver a product, but the scope of our broader involvement will be agreed at this stage. Do we do everything from scratch? Do we have to adapt to any pre-existing work? Are the graphic elements designed in-house or co-created? These should all be settled now.

3. Wireframe & Mockups

A basic design is prepared for our future products and subjected to client feedback. Wireframes are basic renderings that focus on what the products we are working on will do. Mockups go a bit further and offer more realistic renderings of what a product or feature will look like for the end user. These tools allow us to collect advanced feedback and to make sure that final products are in tune with client preferences.

4. Development

The development is the central part of our work, where we actively assemble the proposed and agreed solution, troubleshoot, run initial tests, correct and optimize. This is the bulk of the work we engage in, and our technical team will be busiest at this stage. At the end, we will have a product that is functional but will still go through a few more stages before being ready for launch.

5. Infrastructure &
Security Audit

A security audit is a comprehensive assessment of the product’s vulnerability. This includes verification of server hosting, and testing for any potential security lapses. While the evolving nature of threats requires the provision of security-related services on a permanent basis, we strive to ensure that new products meet security standards from the get-go.

6. Testing & Quality Assurance

By setting and meeting quality standards in our work, we ensure that any support we provide will be self-reinforcing, thus having fewer issues in the future. Of course, to see that we meet these quality standards, product testing is an important stage in our development process and is undertaken before we deliver the `goods` to a client.

7. Deploy

This stage is the culmination of our work. D-Day, if you like. The new website, app or custom product is now online and accessible by the end users. By this stage, we have ironed out all potential issues, the designs and texts have been given a final OK and the back-ends have been integrated with wider client operations. The best part is the next day: most clients won’t even remember how they worked before.

8. Maintenance & Support

Whenever a new project is launched, we offer support both before and after D-day. Any issues get fixed ASAP, ensuring a smooth experience for both our clients and their end users. We can offer this service on a permanent basis and, in certain cases, we can take over the maintenance of a website or app that has been previously developed by another company, as long as we are granted the necessary access privileges.

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