Client Type: Enterprise

Country: Romania

Technical solutions: Flutter technology, Dart language, PHP, HTML5, CSS

Autonom is the most extensive mobility network in Romania and a major player in the SE European region. It offers various transport and car rental solutions to their clients, through over 40 agencies opened in more than 30 cities in Romania and Hungary. The company operates a diverse fleet of over 12.000 vehicles and has more than 600 employees.

Autonom’s operations are divided between numerous services and sub-services. These include operational leasing, car replacement, temporary fleet provision, classical rent-a-car, transfers and fleet management. For example, Autonom Assistance is a roadside support division with national and EU coverage that makes sure drivers are safe and covered on the road.

After innovating with high-quality and efficient rental, fleet management and leasing, Autonom has decided to make all key services available online, via either website or app. This is a sector-wide trend, and improves operational efficiency while also enhancing ease-of-use on the side of the clients.

The Problem

In the past decade, Autonom has morphed into a company that is adept at using technology to make customer interactions rapid and direct at all hours. It offers a complex set of services involving automotive rentals, transfers, leasing and support. The standard for client interaction and activity management, within the industry, has increasingly shifted to expanded use of IT solutions. Individual services such as Autonom Assistance were no exception, and needed to have a distinct identity to allow ease-of-use and ease-of-identification by clients. To facilitate access to its services, the company wanted to develop instruments ranging from a presentation website to dedicated mobile apps to integrated management.

Autonom’s fortuitous relationship with eJump started when we were contacted in order to solve some pre-existing issues regarding their main website. The relationship was positive from the get-go, but it morphed and grew over time, as Autonom’s needs changed in tune with business growth. The main website was a good start, but Autonom identified several key areas for which it wanted a distinct e-presence. Flagship services needed dedicated websites or apps, in order to ease customer use by focusing on tailor-made design, simplifying the structure of commercial offers and helping each service brand in gaining visibility. Services that were earmarked for distinct development included traditional car rentals, driving assistance, drivers for hire, car replacement and on-road support.

As the company expanded, bought other businesses or business divisions and extended their portfolio, eJump stepped in to ensure that every new service had a reliable online presence. This was vital to ensure that business growth was backed up by a reliable, easy to use customer interface.

  • The need to adapt to increasingly interactive, app and web-based solutions that have become the standard in the industry, amid rapid business expansion.
  • The need for streamlined backend integration to help better management.
  • The need to digitise newer Autonom services while maintaining cross-service integration amid accelerated business diversification.
Autonom Page Website

The Solution

Other websites were developed in a similar fashion, reflecting Autonom’s overall visual identity but focusing on more limited groups of services.

A crucial dimension in eJump’s work was the development of solid backend integration. This greatly helped Autonom simplify the management of its expanding business portfolio. The company was now able to track fleet usage, manage clients and finances in an effective way, keep track of drivers and mediate the acquisition of third party services.

Lastly, eJump made sure that all Autonom services were easily accessible via mobile. All websites were scaled to mobile usage and several apps were developed. These included Autonom Mobility, Autonom Drive and Autonom Assistance. The apps benefit from a similar design (their thumbnails are instantly recognizable in the app store) but are focused in scope.

The combination of websites and apps allows all Autonom services to be accessible in a few clicks (or taps). Nevertheless, the increasing complexity of Autonom services has not seen a comparable increase in overhead and management workloads, due to eJump’s work in maintaining back-end integration. is the first port of call for would-be clients looking for various mobility services. Prior poor implementation had limited Autonom’s online reach, but eJump swooped in to save the day and redesign the whole website. The final result is a professional, vibrant and modern design that lets end-point clients discover what they were looking for when it comes to car rental and associated services.

Autonom Page Website Autonom Page Website

The complementary Autonom assistance service website,, was developed to streamline Autonom’s assistance services. It centers on roadside help, facilitating access to services including towing damaged or defective cars, on-site repairs, replacement cars and - for international users - repatriation support. A complementary app was later developed, allowing easy access from mobile platforms.

Asistentarutiera Page Website Asistentarutiera Page Website

Autonom Drive app

The Autonom Drive app was a complement to the general website, providing integrated mobility services and combining safety, quality and comfort for a great customer experience. The app can cater to complex requests, operational support or travel management.

Autonom Drive app Autonom Drive app

The conclusion

By offering easily accessible solutions, Autonom is more adequately targeting the needs and potential needs of their customers. Both the websites and mobile apps are currently functioning and are being used by increasing numbers of clients. Autonom is consolidating itself as a multi-service provider of mobility services in the most modern way possible: with tech-based customer communications.

Lastly, the enhanced back-end solutions developed by eJump allow the company to better integrate a wide array of services in a less time-consuming fashion than before. This is important in ensuring that the rising complexity of a growing business portfolio does not have any negative impact on internal management and on quality assurance in service provision.


Web-based presentation informing Autonom clients on both services and assistance options.


App allowing clients to access road-side support easily via the website and complementary app. Services range from towing to replacement cars.


Real-time, rapid link between clients and Autonom services. Similar access and communication tools are accessible by Autonom-employed drivers.

What does the client say about our work.

„Rather than telling you how we’ve worked with eJump, I’d tell you how much we decided to trust them with our online presence. Almost all of our apps, websites and the integration between them is done by eJump, and I have to say it has never been easier to manage our e-presence”


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