Client Type: SME

Country: UK

Technical solutions: Wordpress, React, Laravel

Dashcams, far from being just a whimsical tool that have enabled the emergence of “crazy Russian driving videos” as a sort of social media genre, have become an important tool in road safety.

Dashcams integrated with the broader car operation bring further added value. Crucially, they allow better documentation of car traffic incidents. These are numerous, ranging from serious accidents to “fender benders”. Across the world, there are also tens of millions of people who suffer non-fatal injuries during such traffic accidents. Many of these victims are driving commercial vehicles. Indeed, commercial fleets are behind a large share of traffic incidents, and their involvement in accidents of all sorts has increased due to various issues (driver behavior, fatigue, fear of false blame etc.).

This is where SureCam comes in. The company was founded in 2014, launching the UK’s first and leading network-connected dash camera. Today, SureCam serves thousands of fleets around the globe to reduce claims costs, protect employees, enhance driver coaching, and improve fleet safety. The company works with all types of fleets, from some of the world’s most recognised brands, to independent family-owned operations, and are passionate about making safety smarter.

The Problem

Technology has the tools to solve some of the emerging issues surrounding safety. This includes the use of video integration via online mediums, analytics, etc. One integrated approach to road safety is centered on telematics. Telematics is an interdisciplinary approach encompassing telecommunications, vehicular technologies, electrical engineering (sensors, instrument-based measurements, wireless communications and others) and computer technology (multimedia, Internet, cloud storage, etc.).

These technological developments were of particular value to corporate clients, as owners of large commercial fleets could hope to get a significant return on investment (ROI) from even incremental improvements to safety standards, driver behaviour and insurance claim returns.

SureCam aimed to deliver real-time video solutions like dash cameras combined with telematics that enable drivers and fleets to run safer, smarter and more profitably, and this message needed to be effectively delivered to customers. To this end, they contacted eJump. SureCam came up with the idea of a one-stop website aimed at road safety, connected with their signature camera device. This was meant to be a complete website that better connects users with real-time video solutions. But it also had a sales and presentation component, a front end that was meant to be as attractive as it was supposed to be intuitive. eJump was up to the challenge.

  • Road safety remains an important issue, and in the case of commercial fleets is an important dimension in maintaining operational success
  • The development of multiple technologies allows a more structured approach to road safety, but this needs to be communicated to clients
  • SureCam needed to present a complex solution, aimed at commercial fleets, in a manner that made clear all potential benefits
Surecam  Page Website

The Solution

In order to simplify operations, the client decided to integrate multiple services into a single website. It was decided to transform two separate websites (for UK and US) into just one intuitive and complete platform for an enhanced user experience. eJump decided to use WordPress to create the basic structure of the customer-oriented part of the platform. The final website had an intuitive and appealing design, no clutter and a clean look and feel. The website is responsive as well.

The site contains a new e-commerce platform that went online in 2022. The platform allows clients to personalize the type of contract they choose, as well as their own selection of services. Thus, it reduces operational workload for the client by allowing end-point customers to set up their own offers.

The implementation of the SureCam project has been a thorough process to make sure its development meets all the client’s specific requirements and feedback rounds. Although it may seem a simple platform at first glance, this project was complex and dynamic, partly because new ideas were introduced during the development phase, and the number of functionalities offered was high for a single service point.

In terms of actual work, the biggest challenge was the communication flow between the eJump team and the client. The complex nature of the project required that all those involved keep in touch on a regular basis in order to make sure that everything functioned properly.

Presentation Website

The company and services presentation for the SureCam website, enabling would-be customers to quickly become familiar with the range of services and their potential benefits.

Surecam  Page Website Surecam  Page Website

E-commerce Platform

The development of an e-commerce platform integrated with wider SureCam services. This enabled clients to select offers that were adequate to their needs with no additional layers of communication.

Surecam Page Website Surecam Page Website


The integration of the website front end with third party operations, including Salesforce and SSO, allowing a streamlined experience from the point of view of operations management.

Surecam Integration

The conclusion

SureCam has a functional website that lists key offers, presents the benefits of its cameras and associated services to viewers and aids the management of service provision. The website is a one-stop-shop for corporate or smaller scale clients looking to use dashcams to minimize risks and costs resulting from road safety incidents. The use of an integrated e-commerce platform greatly simplifies operations for the company and allows easy management of sales-related activities.


SureCam services are presented in a clear and crisp manner to potential clients


A functional e-commerce platform enables customers to purchase bespoke services easily


Operational integration with third party operations such as Salesforce and SSO enables SureCam to simplify operational management

What does the client say about our work.

“The kind of service we provide needs to send a clear message to our clients: we are reliable, always. We wanted the same kind of message from our website and our e-commerce platform. We wanted a crisp look to boot. I think eJump delivered on all accounts.”


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