Why Website Maintenance Services Are a Must for Awesome Businesses

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Lately, we’re getting many emails or messages in which people – from ambitious rookies to experienced businessmen – are asking us to help them fix those little annoying things that could crash their website. Today is a bug, tomorrow is an update, and you’ve invested so much care in building it, so what can you do to stop worrying about “minor”, but hazardous issues for your business?

Well, maintenance. It seems optional, but it’s not.

We all know it’s better to predict and prevent than to fail and fix. We’re not talking just about the time, effort and energy involved in finding the best solutions offered by a reliable partner to solve things in crisis situations, but also money and credibility. Here comes the “holy grail” of successful businesses on the long run: maintenance services.

Why do you need website maintenance services?

On short, you get to focus on growing your business instead of worrying about the fuss of dealing with regular technicalities like updates, backups, optimization or WordPress improvements. Maintenance is best at keeping things reliable for you and, most important, keeping your customers in love with a true digital experience – your website. The cherry on top? Costs. The price for maintenance is much smaller compared to that of fixing and solving the problems under pressure when problems arise.

What we offer as website maintenance services?

We handle any project like one of our own, so it’s natural to have the drive and skills to make the most of your website in digital space. Our developers take maintenance seriously and keep your WordPress website high-quality and reliable, by tackling issues nobody wants to take care of, like those “oh-so-boring” but must-do checks: bugs, errors, viruses and other pesky code creatures – trust us, they’re real trouble-makers when left “unsupervised”.

So get your WordPress website updated, safe and optimised, and your audience will stay connected with their favorite digital experience.

 eJump maintenance services to choose for your awesome website:

  • WordPress & plugins updates
  • Fixing contact forms not working
  • Fixing tracking codes not working (like Google analytics and the like)
  • Fixing responsive issues and make your website smooth as it can be on every device
  • Malware removal for infected websites (yes, because they weren’t updated…)
  • Adding new pages
  • Fixing and optimizing slow-loading pages
  • … and what you might need

Assuming that you’ll want to grow your website, we’d be glad to assist you in protecting your online identity through website maintenance and support (post-development or not). Besides relevant experience and extended skills in development, we offer guaranteed availability at least 8h/business day from a reliable office. We have one of the best and most stable Internet connections in the world, so that’s pretty awesome. Like your website.

If it’s what you need, get in touch with us and we’ll look after you, no worries! 

Well, it IS something I need, so… Let’s start!

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