Did you ever watch a sci-fi movie and remember the unsung heroes repairing the ship at the very last minute, saving everyone and making all the flashy heroics possible? Did you ever think they deserved more credit?

At eJump, we know that the most important work behind a successful project is not always the most visibile. We believe that back-end developers are the unsung heroes behind our projects, making everything work and keeping our clients happy.

So, if you want to join a creative, dynamic, supportive team of inquisitive explorers, keep our engines running and grow both personally and professionally, drop us a line.

Some of the things we expect from the get-go:

  • Advanced PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript knowledge.
  • The ability to work within deadlines
  • The ability to find new, innovative and efficient solutions.
  • It would greatly help if you have some experience, so a portfolio might be useful
  • Have a passion for optimizing processes and producing stress-resistant algorithms

Here are some of the things you’ll be doing at eJump:

  • Develop apps based on client-server technology, within agreed timelines and specifications.
  • Offer support, counseling and optimized solutions to clients. They’ll love you for it.
  • Build and offer support for ERP/CRM projects.
  • Test and debug. Not the sexiest/coolest part, but we both know it must be done.

Why should you ultimately choose eJump?

  • We offer a creative, supportive, friendly environment that is conducive to growth.
  • We genuinely support your self-development.
  • We offer an above-average salary and performance-based bonuses (we do this for other positions too – we love performance).
  • We have flexible work arrangements, as long as goals are met.
  • Our projects are world-class, challenging and interesting. You will grow while working on them.
I’m ready!
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