What are the most annoying things in life? For one, mosquitos. But bug-laden apps, poorly optimized web pages and payment difficulties on e-commerce platforms are close seconds.

At eJump we know that testing our apps and products is essential to ensure a smooth customer experience. Our developers work hard and it is only human that they might not spot a bug, or not have time to test all existing features.

Do you have a critical eye, a bit of imagination and are detail oriented? If so, feel free to join our team and help us avoid unnecessary annoyances among our customers. Think of yourself not as a tester, but a Client Happiness Manager.

Some of the things we expect from you upon applying for a job:

  • A basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Advanced knowledge of UI/UX
  • The ability to develop automatic testing using Selenium or similar frameworks
  • Having an analytical and structured approach to work, as well as a keen eye for detail
  • Having a bit of imagination – after all, you will have to fill our client’s shoes everyday

Here are some of the things you’ll be doing at eJump:

  • Act as virtual clients – that is test our products’ suitability from the perspective of our clients
  • Engage in basic quality assurance work, ensuring that our apps are fit for purpose
  • Test our final pages on multiple devices (Android, iPhone, tablet) and browsers (Edge, Firefoc, Chrome, Safari)
  • Develop manuals and tutorials for websites and applications, at the request of our clients
  • Generally make sure that our products are top-notch, as functional as they are pretty to look at 😊

What does working at eJump entail?

  • We will be supportive and treat you like family from day one
  • We support your long-term development and are flexible with role diversification
  • We offer an above-average salary and performance-based bonuses (we love people who put the quality in quality assurance)
  • We have flexible work arrangements that enable you to easily make the switch to our team
  • Our projects are world-class, challenging and interesting. And we believe that you are key to making them fault free.
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