Client Type: SME

Country: UK

Technical solutions: PHP, MySQL

As one of the largest automotive suppliers in the world, Faurecia is a big player by any metric. Present in 35 countries, Faurecia is a major promoter of innovative technologies, employed in fields that range from automotive seating and emissions control technologies to interior systems. Security and control are important for a business that handles many operational facilities in the entire world, with thousands of people involved in it.

The Problem

People love to ignore safety instructions, whether it’s on planes or in the workplace. A company’s interest is to make staff and visitors heed important safety notices. One way to do it is to make lessons about workplace safety interactive, engaging and fresh. Taking part is always a better learning experience than passive listening.

  • Need to raise awareness on workplace safety
  • Lack of engagement in communication on safety issues
Faurecia Page Website

The Solution

Faurecia contacted eJump and prepared a series of designs for a workplace safety campaign. Some of eJump’s most talented coders brought them to life in a pretty awesome way. Their hard work resulted in a fun and interactive lesson in the form of a Kinect app, which was about as futuristic and out-of-the-box as the client’s profile. Yup, a fun Kinect app about workplace safety.

The client was so satisfied with this first app that they requested us to work on a follow-up series focused on different contexts and hazards. They also asked us to prepare web and mobile-friendly versions, so that all the people working – or not – in their facilities would have access to these interactive lessons – and learn about workplace safety.

Learning resources

The online presentation of learning resources associated with safety was offered. Key resources linked to Faurecia safety rules were digitized, enabling ease-of use by employees and visitors.

Faurecia Page Website

Kinetic movement app

The core of our development work with Faurecia was a kinetic movement app aimed at helping the learning process and getting employees and visitors mobile. The app was available at entry points to Faurecia facilities and was aimed at both employees and visitors. The product required the use of motion-detection devices.

Faurecia Page Website

Gamification of the
learning process

The gamification of the learning process was associated with a scoring system that was used to generate reports for Faurecia’s health and safety department. This enabled Faurecia to see weather the new approach to presenting safety regulations was functioning, and which aspects were the most difficult to learn by employees or visitors.

Faurecia Page Website

The conclusion

Videvo has annual revenue ranging in the millions of USD. It maintains a large database of free and subscription-based stock video footage with over 500,000 video clips in 4k and HD. Videvo also offers a wide selection of music and sound. It has seen recent growth and improvement in rankings. This growth has lead to its acquisition by Freepik, creating new opportunities for business development and validating Videvo’s long-term strategy. Its website and its multiple functionalities, a positive track record on security and overall ease-of-use have greatly contributed to the success of Videvo as a platform.


Videvo’s website is up-and-running and includes both free downloads for its stock video footage as well as paid-for services


A content-ingestion system enables the rapid integration of new content with no or minimal human input


Top notch security infrastructure ensures that despite the use of autonomous uploading, breached and safety fails are limited

What does the client say about our work.

“Faurecia has experienced ongoing growth in the past few years. We have been constantly adding new functions and tools to our website, upgrading our security infrastructure and even tweaking the design. eJump has been with us throughout this journey and we’ve always worked and communicated smoothly”


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