The “How to Make Beer at the Office” Experiment

Office-made beer label eJumpiness

Usually, the beer is delivered TO your office. We changed it a bit and tried to deliver the beer from our office, to our office. Wait, what? Well…

The thing is, Alin got a beer making kit and, while sharing this news with Bogdan, Radu and us one day, a new idea arose out: what if we join our forces and try to brew beer at the office? Hey, this could become our trademark beverage!

Of course, not as a business opportunity, but much more than that:  a fun experiment for our entire team and, luckily, a great, handcrafted beer to drink!

So, Alin brought his kit, Bogdan and Radu bought the lager yeast, Betty brought some bottles to use and the beer experiment began.

Alin and Radu smiling at the camera :)

Alin and Radu smiling at the camera 🙂

Liviu looked closely from the shadows…

















Our guys poured their heart and soul – and sugar, yeast, water, Spraymalt Muntons Extra Light mail extract – into preparing what a couple of days later became a fresh, delicate and fine lager beer.

Alin and Iri having fun while pouring the ingredients and all


What about the name?

After long debates which lasted a few minutes, we came to the conclusion that eJumpiness is the right choice. Friendly, positive, energizing, branded. And what beer is that without the proper etiquette? Thanks to George, who designed the labels, our office-made beer has a name, a not-so-serious description and our faces on it – basically, a visual identity to remember!

The eJumpiness beer at the eJump office!

The eJumpiness beer at the eJump office!


The official launch took place during our latest team building at the seaside, where Andreea and Andreea (!) made sure to make a short photo shoot, also…

And another one…

And now one with Bogdan and Sebi at the terrace…


That’s all, folks!