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One of the most common mantras in the mobility services industry is the transition of cars from being something you own (not unlike a flat) into a service (mobility), that is increasingly integrated with technology, offered by third party providers and accessible at your fingertip. CarCentric is an enabler for car-based mobility which aims to make the management of automotive fleets easier.

The Problem

Nowadays, the centre of life has shifted away from home towards the workplace where people are increasingly immersed in their jobs, spending an average of 1,795 hours per year. Incidentally, both our lives and our work see added complexities. You don’t just feel that things take longer, they actually do. For example, executing a simple task like washing your car implies that you find information on available places, manage payments and – if you have multiple cars – generate an overview of expenses required to undertake this action.


CarCentric is an important player in the car maintenance sector which offers car rental solutions to their clients, simplifying the day-to-day chores. For example, if you represent a business and use the CarCentric app you can easily locate all available car servicing locations while removing the need to manage multiple invoices. This convenience not only saves valuable time but also promotes cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency.


Balancing multiple responsibilities has become a significant challenge, which is why companies in general have shifted to the online management of tasks. CarCentric’s very business model was centred on helping the owners of private car fleets, so a digitally oriented business model made mobile apps absolutely necessary for end users.


In response to this demand for easy-to-use centralised services aimed at enhancing convenience for car fleet owners, CarCentric decided to work with eJump on existing functionalities on an app for small businesses that have to undertake maintenance work for their cars. This partnership  primarily focused on enhancing the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI), ensuring compliance with design standards for both iOS and Android platforms. Additionally, improvements were made in organising the frontend code, adhering to industry best practices for mobile application development.

  • Need to make car maintenance services be readily available to customers, with easy-to-use interfaces
  • The need to maintain mobile apps that offer continuous, reliable service, particularly for fleet management issues.
Carcentric  Page Website

The Solution

The primary focus of the CarCentric app was on small businesses operating non-leased vehicle fleets. It provides these businesses with a streamlined solution, enabling them to effortlessly manage their car servicing operations through a straightforward process within the app. After the log into their account, of course.

Centralising costs within CarCentric provides a comprehensive overview of all expenses associated with the fleet, facilitating better financial management and budgeting. Additionally, centralised cost tracking enhances transparency, enabling the small businesses to identify cost-saving opportunities and optimise their operations.

The collaboration with eJump required app integration with back end functionalities. A boiler plate was used that met iOS and Android guidelines and allowed for integration, allowing eJump to isolate and focus on the front-end components. This functionality enabled eJump to deliver a complete demo to the client just a few days after the upgrade was implemented.

It was a complex undertaking, as eJump navigated the development process without direct access to the backend infrastructure. Nonetheless, we successfully executed the project regardless. For us this was a challenge we have been proud to overcome.

A user-friendly design
for iOS and Android apps

By offering the app is easy to use on both platforms, the service reaches a wider audience, guaranteeing accessibility for users regardless of their device preference. In a competitive market, offering apps on both iOS and Android sets the service apart, showcasing a commitment to accessibility and user-centricity, potentially attracting and retaining a broader user base.

CarCentric Page Website CarCentric Page Website

Integration with third-
party provided back-end

Considering the app was not developed internally, eJump had to deliver front-end upgrades within the existing constraints of the back-end functions already in place. The redesigned app offers mobile users easy access to services while providing fleet owners with seamless control over metrics, payments, and decision-making processes. We were very proud in our team's ability to deliver frontend upgrades aligned with client requirements despite having limited access to the backend codebase.

CarCentric Page Website CarCentric Page Website

The aftermath

The CarCentric app is up and running, and we didn’t have any significant complaints. eJump solely provided enhancements in UX and UI as the core functionalities were already pre-existing. All services are now available to mobile users via apps, and fleet owners have the chance to visualise operational metrics, manage payments and take decisions at the touch of a button.


CarCentric signifies the evolution of car ownership to a service-based approach. This requires friendly user interfaces, which eJump was quick to provide.


eJump managed to work with a pre-existing backend frame, and while this was challenging at times, we were happy that our team managed to deliver an easy-to-use product.


UX/UI improvements allow CarCentric to further develop their business model and expand their client base.

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