Country: Romania

Solutions: Mobile game/App

Arpo, based on a popular YouTube video series featuring a robot babysitter, is an animated tv show and mobile game for children aged 3 to 7 that uses humour to engage kinds in a series of online adventures. It does not use dialogue, and as such can be used by kids speaking any given language. Available by subscription on Amazon Kids+, the mobile app gives an interactive dimension to children oriented entertainment.

Arpo Page Website

Organizing work in Agile sprints and using technologies including Phaser3, JavaScript and HTML5, eJump benefited from continuous communication with the content creators. Asset design was provided by the client, as is often the case when a project is centred around a pre-existing visual identity. The project’s size implied the use of a large, dedicated team that included a manager, a team leader, a QA lead, a senior front-end and two junior developers. The final outcome was a solid product that can be used on all Amazon devices, and it was all done within a single year. The use of multi-layered approaches to media consumption represents a clear trend in the media landscape that eJump is ready to tackle.

  • Use of dedicated team for implementation
  • Child-friendly content
  • Representation of pre-existing lore

What does the client say about our work.

„The new frontier for entertainment is interactive. And when it comes to bringing a robot nanny to life, it has to look cutting edge, but also be enjoyable to our target audience: active, inquisitive kids. eJump helped us to turn Arpo from a cartoon to a whole experience, and we are happy with the outcomes of our work”.


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