Autonom Drive

Country: Romania

Solutions: Mobile app

Autonom is the most extensive automobile mobility network in Romania and a major player in the SE European region. It offers various transport and car rental solutions to their clients, with its fleet topping 12.000 vehicles. It strives to be at the forefront of innovation, including the idea that mobility is increasingly provided as a service. Increasingly, it is provided as a quick-to use service: easy to contract, easy to customize and with clear and transparent costing. A key component of selling mobility as a service is having a mobile app that customers can rely on.

Autonom Drive Page Website

Already having worked with eJump on several projects, Autonom decided to contact us in order to develop their new flagship app. The Autonom Drive app was to be designed from the get-go to complement the general website, to provide integrated mobility services and to be centred on ease-of-use. The app can cater to complex requests, operational support, or travel management from a single point. Services that can be booked via the app include airport transfers, inter-city and intra-urban transfers, car rentals and highly personalized tourist circuits or special event mobility.

Complemented by the autonomy drive website, the app currently allows Autonom to easily reach customers and to remain highly competitive in an increasingly digitalized industry that is geared towards friendly UX.

  • One-stop shop for automotive services
  • Friendly and intuitive user experience
  • Website compatibility

What does the client say about our work.

„Rather than telling you how we’ve worked with eJump, I’d tell you how much we decided to trust them with our online presence. Almost all of our apps, websites and the integration between them is done by eJump, and I have to say it has never been easier to manage our e-presence”


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